Building notes, projects, and occasional rants tech meeting and a new course

Last thursday we had another technical meeting of the group. It was a great success, with 29 people attending.

There where three presentations: one by João Gomes about Catalyst, another by me about POE with an example of process control, and the last one by Miguel Duarte about when not to use Perl, which was, as you can expect, a hot topic.

If you are interested in Perl and live or work around Lisboa, please join our mailing list (instructions can be found at the website).

The meeting was organized by José Castro, and the space (and first round of drinks afterwards) was sponsored by Log. Kudos to them both.

I've been the leader for some time now, and since the reactivation of the group last September, our social meetings have been better each time and our technical meetings have also been great.

Yet most of the work of organizing our events is being done by José, so it's only fair to make him the leader of the group. So after forcing^H^H^H^H^Htalking with him about this, he finally accepted.

I think the group is now in better hands.

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