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New iPod

After struggling with my iPod shuffle listening to Audible books, and having to give back the 2nd generation iPod that I was using, I finally found a 5G for sale in portugal today.

I went to FNAC at the Colombo shopping center, and they had 4 on display on top of a desk. They didn't even bother to put them on shelfs. About thirty minutes after I picked up my own, I understood why: there where none left.

BTW, I'm a long time FNAC customer, and I like their service very much, so it's my preferred point of purchase for this kind of gear.

It's small. Very very small. When I was in london, last November, I saw the one pfig won (bastard...) and I took some pictures of his 5G in comparison with my 2G. But even after seeing them, I'm still amazed how small it really is.

This new iPod is USB-only and my powerbook only has USB1.1, so the speed would be very very bad, on each sync. So I also bought a USB2 PC Card (a D-Link DUB-C2). Connecting the PC Card and then the iPod with the sync cable was, in good old apple tradition, just a physical experience: 10 seconds after the cable connection, iTunes was telling me that there was a new version of the software. And after the update, it started the sync procedure.

I have around 2800 music files (including books and radio programs), and 2400 photos. I suspect it will take this powerbook some 1 or 2 hours to sync. It has to convert a lot of pictures, and for a 800Mhz G4, that is a lot of work.

Next step is to buy a dock of some kind. I saw Apple docks for sale at FNAC, costing €50, but I don't know. If I could find a good set of dock and speakers, like these from JBL or (pfig recomendation) these, I might buy that instead. Some research is required. I would like a set of speakers with sync, charge and some sort of remote control. I'll have to see if I can find such a beast. I know about TuneCenter but I don't know if I can sync with it. It has a ethernet port and wifi, but I don't know exactly what for. Maybe the internet radio stations part.

So, not much to say about the experience of using one 5G, given that its still syncing, but very happy to able to listen to my books again.

Update: 1:20 minutes to Sync. Final stats:

iTunes stats about new iPod

Good enough.

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