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Walled gardens

The subtitle should be: Put your network where your mouth is.

Endgadget covered the Yahoo keynote. At the end of the Engadget post, we can read:

Terry: "What we've shown you today are only the first steps. You can be sure we will continue to innvoate right alongside you. I'll go back to the first question about why Yahoo was here (at CES) for the first time today. Here's what I hope you take away:

  • Yahoo is not going to make gadgets. We're here to partner with you
  • We have 400 million users who have spent a lot of time setting up their world
  • Personally I think walled gardens are a thing of the past

"Thank you all for joining us today."

Regarding bullet no. 3, then can we have XMPP federation with Yahoo Messenger network? Thanks.

On a more funny note, just bellow that quote, you have this pearl:

10:40 Outside, a guy talking into his phone: "Well Steve Jobs is a fucking Jedi Master of this shit compared to these other clowns."

RTOFL! Thanks, Rui.

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