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Textmate goodness

Well, after three weeks inside TextMate, I must say I'm hooked.

I knew it existed and it was cool and stuff, but until you read the TextMate manual, you don't know half of the power it packs. If you want to see if it is for you, I would recommend that you try and read through the fine manual.

Around our corner of the world, I count five converts already, and given that we had abused the local mac users group mailing list with TextMate stuff in the last couple of days, I went ahead and created a TextMate Portuguese User mailing list.

To subscribe to the mailing list, send an empty message to [email protected]. You'll get a confirmation back that you must reply to.

Version 1.5 was announced yesterday, and although not mentioned anywhere I could find, it comes with an Input Manager that allows you to edit any text field (therefore including Safari text areas) from any Cocoa application in TextMate. I've been using this to edit my posts from inside ecto.

Some applications, even ecto, already had a feature like this, but this strategy makes it available on any application. Also, the update is instantaneous on each Save, and that gives me a sensation that my work is always safe in two different apps (Tip: set TextMate to Save your work when it looses focus, and it becomes even more magical).

To install it, use the command Install "Edit in TextMate…" available at Automation > Run Command > TextMate, and follow the instructions.

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