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Housekeeping stuff

Just a quick post to note some things:

  • I had problems with my upgrade to MT 3.2. I decided to reinstall from scratch. Everything seems much better now. Comments seem to work, and all the feeds validate;
  • During the upgrade, I forgot to include two feeds I had previously: rss-full.xml and index.rdf. They are back but they are not announced anywhere. My recommendation is to use the Atom feed, or the RSS 2.0 feed if you want comments and trackbacks as well;
  • Technorati seems to know me again, after ignoring me for 70+ days. I add to delete my claim and reclaim this blog;
  • I'll be moving DNS and HTTP servers in the next few days, some things might break, so sorry for the inconvenience.

And if I don't see you again, have a very good New Year.

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