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Not happy with Moveable Type 3.2

I’ve been using Movable Type 3.2 for the last couple of weeks. The upgrade from my previous 3.x version went pretty smooth, but only yesterday I noticed some things that where not OK.

First, my comment form does not include the Typekey stuff. At first I though that I had fsck my Typekey token or something, but the explanation is much more simple: the templates I got with MT don’t include the code to activate that option. I’m using the new templates, not the old ones. I asked MT to upgrade the templates to the new ones, and backup my previous templates, so this should be working. Must fix this ASAP.

Second, the mail messages where not leaving my server. The previous setup was using SMTP to, so I used the same configuration with MT 3.2, but I didn’t get any. I switched to sendmail and it works now. Strange. BTW, because of this, I had around 700 comments to filter/approve. Sorry to all who didn’t saw them approved quickly.

Third, I’m still trying to figure it out how the comment spam stuff works. It’s not automatic enough for me, but it’s probably some new setting I’m missing. I need to read more docs, it seems.

Fourth, and this is not a problem per se, the package looks rushed. Inside the admin interface, you can find in the settings pane, in the middle of the page FIXME signs. Not a professional look, I should say.

Let’s see if I can fix these issues.