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I'm off to bed now

I was waiting for Oct 12 to see if my current laptop would get a decent facelift. It’s not he is no longer sexy, it just that I’m no longer as patient as I once was, and waiting for some functions is getting to be a drag.

So when I saw that we only get TV shows in the US (as in not available anywhere else for now, nor any idea about when that might change), an iPod with a bigger screen and video decoding but resolutions that will not cut it for video out, and a desktop computer that is nice but still a desktop computer… well… it’s all pretty and nice, but that’s it.

Yes, the video store is a beginning of something, I’m sure. $2 a pop per episode is more or less the same that I pay when I get the DVD packs from Amazon. The advantage is that the episode is available the next day, and DVD series usually trail the season at least a year.

Since the first aluminum powerbooks, we haven’t had any decent upgrades to the high-end Apple laptop line, so right now, unless you really need one, there is no point in buying one: the ibooks are much better bang for buck. I still have my 15” powerbook because of screen real-estate, that’s it.

So, until Apple does something good with powerbooks, I just don’t care anymore. In case you are wondering, yes, I would buy a dual-core G4 powerbook right now, even knowing that the intel-based ones will be around probably christmas next year…

I’ll peek the January Apple Expo without much hope, but frankly, wake me up next year.