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Week summary

No, I’m not going to talk more about Google Talk :).

I’m going to bed now, I’ve been up since 5am to do an upgrade to our XMPP server platform. It went pretty well, but we still have some glitches with S2S. They should be solved real soon now.

I wanted to talk you about the stack of perl books I have here, from Higher-Order Perl to Perl Testing going through Perl Best Practices, but it will have to wait until next week. I need to make them justice, they deserve it. It’s really nice to see very good books about Perl being published.

I’ve also been reading the Programming Ruby and the Rails book. Yeah, I know, some of you think it’s just a fad. Indulge me, ok? I’m still recommending anybody who wants to pick up a language, to try Ruby. I’ve collected some presentations about it from OSCon’05 that I’ll link next week.

I’ve also finished my Trac setup, and it is now totally automated to keep me using darcs or, at work, CVS, and have all the niceties of the great Wiki, Tickets and Source browser integration. I’ll be moving my lost projects to it in the coming weeks.

Finally, I updated my personal Jabber server to the latest Jive Messenger. I had been using ejabberd for some time now, but I wanted something that I could just install, run a script and be done with it. I can only say that I was able to do just that with Jive Messenger, I think it took me 15 to 20 minutes to have a fully featured XMPP server. The newest version, 2.2, it’s the first one I can use since it’s the first to have S2S. They don’t have TLS, but it’s not important to me right now: my client of choice, Psi (who incidentally also had a new release today, check the new Psi wiki, btw), does not support TLS for now. But if TLS is important to you, don’t despair: adding TLS to Jive Messenger is a Google Summer of Code project.

Also, Moveable Type 3.2 is out, looking good. For those of us who still like to run and waste our time tinkering with our blog software, it’s seems a worthy upgrade. I was very impressed with the upgrade demo. I was thinking on upgrading my software, lot’s of bugs, and more trackback spam than I can read in a lifetime, and I was shopping around for software. MT 3.2 seems to be crawling back to the top of my list of choices, followed by typo and wordpress, in that order.

With all the Google Talk, I’ve been a bit away from Apple news. The IDF conference this week had a lot of cool stuff (my favorite, the end of the north bridge on Intel chipsets, you should check AnandTech site for all the goodies. I didn’t have the time to read to much into it, regarding Apple future hardware offers, but it looks promising.

Yet, my interest regarding Apple news will grow in the coming weeks. The Apple Paris Expo is coming up in late September, and I would like to see a last rev of G4 Powerbooks coming out of Mr. Jobs keynote. I would be a happy camper to see a dual-core G4 17” or bigger Powerbook… But I’ll try to keep my expectations low.

All in all, a fun week. My only regret is that my coding time is getting to be a lot less than it usually was. And now that it was getting to be fun again. I’ve been making an effort to do more developer testing, and so far I’m loving it. It can be hard sometimes, with the pressure of every day, but it’s a great stress reliever for me. I should join Phalanx some day, I really should.

Have a nice weekend.

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