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Xgrid, infant, pre-teen or hormone-charged teenager?

Check out MacDevCenter article on Xgrid by Drew McCormack.

Xgrid is nothing terrible new, for those who where into distributed systems in collage. I was into them, and it was my favorite subject, the one I got the best grades.

What make me click about this one is the fact that for the first time that I remember, a full distributed computing platform is being distributed with a mainstream operation system. Every Mac that runs Tiger has this client installed (maybe not running, of course, but it is there).

The possibilities are endless, of course. But my radar will be tuned to two events:

  • the first mainstream application that makes use of this: I suppose photoshop or something like that. iMovie HD? I think Nuno would like that :).
  • the first integration of a Paypal-like system with Xgrid, so that you can rent your spare cycles.

The second one? That’s an new economy right there…

Security issues, or blunders, as always will be the headlines first.