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Google Talk client is too simple = Great!!!

Guys, yes, I agree that the Google Talk client is too simple:

  • no offline messages;
  • no “spiffy” flash stuff and emoticons with gazilion skins;
  • no file transfer;
  • no multi-user chat;
  • etc, etc, etc.

That’s great!

That only means that we can build our own clients, with those features, and compete. Imagine that, real competition in the IM world. The best client wins. I’m not letting go of my Psi, I can tell you that.

And Yahoo, AOL, Apple and Google will always be able to innovate and integrate services. There is no big risk to them, to provide extra services to their customers, using their clients.

The difference is that, like SMTP for mail, they will all be using a standard and open protocol.

That’s the real issue about Google Talk: they are using something open and therefore, you can compete with them on the client side.

If you don’t understand what I’m saying, try this:

The only thing for this to become a reality is server-to-server interop. :)