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Greetings from planet Earth

Nuno, I’m at Reboot, which I think it’s still on planet Earth (although you could argue that some people here have fallen from some other place), so no time to pretty graphics. But let me show you something:

  • Microsoft: Market cap 274.75B
  • Apple: Market cap 29.51B

Now, which one do you think is the company that is innovating the most right now?

Size does not matter, it’s what you do with it.

AMD would be a better choice to Apple if they had a better technology than Intel, and right now, they do in terms of x86-64. After reading the ArsTechnica article, we are told that Intel seems to have a better roadmap than AMD.

It’s not only about cost per cpu. Apple already sells their gear at a higher price point than the rest, so a difference of x amount of dollars, if they had a better technology with it, would not be a problem for them. One could argue that this was the reason to keep PowerPC for so long: better CPU, albeit more expensive. They only changed their CPU when the roadmap of the competition was better. So it seems that Apple prefers technology over price (for reasonable differences between prices, of course).

I would bet that if AMD had a better roadmap than Intel, they would choose AMD.

Now, the point of Ars Technica article is a good one, and for now I find it acceptable to my question (Why Intel?). But I think that the main reason is the roadmap, not the size, nor the market cap (which is meaningless).

And now back to Cory Doctorow, preaching the good word: broadcast flag in Europe.