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Let's try this again

Nuno, let’s try this again: both two posts I wrote about this minor issue (the one you quoted in your initial article and my response to that article) are not against x86. Please re-read them.

It’s about Intel. Not x86, but Intel. That’s what I’m skeptical about (and thanks for the explanation about British and American spellings).

It’s not that I don’t like x86, I use them every day of my life, in all the servers I buy, or the servers I recommend buying.

You quoted the second part of a paragraph. Let me quote the first part of my own article

I’m not skeptical about x86 choice by Apple.

Is there any subjectivity in that statement that eludes you?

I really hope not.

Regarding the volume argument, I’m not so sure yet, although I agree that it is a very big bonus. I’ll re-listen to the webcast in search of that Jobs explanation of the reasons for the change. I do agree with the power angle. It is very useful to Apple to have a chip that runs cooler than the G5s with a equivalent performance.

In the meantime, I’m still waiting for my dual-core G4… :)