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Questions needing answers

Going forward, I’ll see lot’s of talk about Apple and Intel. As Rui as told you, as long gcc runs, I’m ok. I use my Mac mostly in UNIX-mode, so I’m not in too worried.

Now, the only thing that is still unanswered in my mind, is why Intel. Why not AMD. Also the 32bit question. So I decided to keep a log of my questions (and hopefully answers):

  • Why did Apple decide to go with Intel and not AMD? The best reason so far is form ArsTechnica - branding. Intel brand is much stronger than AMD, although technically they are inferior. Also, check out the last two paragraphs, where a “Intel needs Apple” topic is explained. Also a nice point of view.
  • Is the choice of Apple to use Pentium-class chips? I’m not sure about this, but they are 32bit, right? The G5 is 64bit, so using 32bit Intel chip’s is going back in time.
  • What is the chip choice of chips for x86-64 that Apple will make?
  • Do they use the classic PC BIOS? Well, according to ArsTecnica, they will not use Open Firmware…

Now, let’s wait a week or so and collect all the answers.

Personally, I would love to see Apple going the Opteron route, but that seems unlikely now.