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Forked files and Tiger Server

AFP548 - Tiger Server Overview: > Another welcome feature is a new API that lets traditional UNIX tools such a cp, mv, tar, and > rsync work with forked files. This should open up a much easier world of scripting > for Mac OS X.

This is way cool! At last! Can anyone confirm that rsync that comes with Tiger Client is already using this API?

Update: More information from Michael Tsai - Blog - Random Tiger Notes: > A Mac-savvy rsync was, for me, one of the most anticipated features of Tiger. Unfortunately, it’s been unreliable so far. Nearly every time I use it to sync a large folder using the -E flag, it either crashes or stops with an internal error. > The Mac-savvy tar, cp, and scp rock. So does BOMArchiveHelper.

Again from the AFP548 - Tiger Server Overview: > Secondly, we have synchronized mobile homes now! Macintosh Manager > had a “Check Out” feature that would sync your data down to a > workstation and then sync it back when you checked it back in. Tiger > brings a new feature called Portable Home Directories that allows > us several ways to synchronize the mobile home to the network one. > You can define how the sync takes place in Workgroup Manager’s > Mobility preferences. The Portable Home Directory is synchronized > on it’s first login after creation and is then kept synchronized in > several ways. You can define a periodic background sync, or a login > or logout sync. Also the user can select Sync Home Now from the menu > bar at any time. You can also specify rules to determine what gets > synced, for example you might not want to sync the Safari cache folder.

This is so cool. I have to find a way to put a 10.4 server at the office, even if inside a Mac mini.

The bad part: the VPN server did not change much. We are using the 10.3 version at the office and I would like to have firewall and routing tables per user. Doesn’t seem that we are getting them.

Also the XMPP server included is based on Jabberd 1.4.x, which is too bad. I was hoping for a more recent server, maybe one of the new ones in Java. Hoping for ejabberd was a bit too optimistic.