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Upgrade time for my powerbook

So, it’s upgrade time to update my powerbook.

No, I’m not installing Tiger yet, I need my powerbook in working order. I’ll wait until 1 week after 10.4.1 to install that one.

I’m upgrading to 10.3.9 only because I want to upgrade to Quicktime 7 and try some H.264 goodness (see also this impressive report).

Right now, I have 11 items in my Software Update Window. So, I’ll see you all (three of you) in 20 minutes or so.

Updated: 11 done, 2 to go. The Java fix and Quicktime 7 are installing now. Quicktime still needs a reboot after it finnish “optimizing” my performance…

Update 2: all seems ok. is flaky with Safari, but I always have problems with them. It’s probably the worst site I need to visit on a regular basis.