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Moving day

Today is my last day at the office. I’m moving to a new place, starting April 1st.

I’ll be sort of on vacation for the next 3 weeks. The next week will still be documenting stuff (Kiwi has been really helpful, I must clean it up.) in text and audio (very useful).

I’ve been working here since March 97, 8 years ago, and after 10 years doing ISP stuff (real-time provisioning systems, offer management, and middle-ware stuff), I need a break.

At my new job, I’ll be focusing in XMPP, server-side mostly. I’ll also have a little bit of Identity stuff, and single sign-on.

More about this later, right now, clean up time.

Gloria from the album “Under a Blood Red Sky” by U2
Visite Du Vigile from the album “Ascenseur Pour L’├ęchafaud” by Miles Davis