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The Macworld SF 2005 best of show

I’ve made a list of products I found interesting from several online sources. I used: - the Best of Show listing of Macworld; - all the Macworld articles about Macworld SF 2005; - Alan Graham list of cool products that he saw at Macworld SF, and didn’t get mentioned in mainstream media.

For future reference, if you ever need to give me a present, you can pick from the following list: - Webstractor, an app to save entire webpages and much, much more; - the firewire-to-ethernet repeater, just for the geek value; - Phlink, the perfect match for the home Mac mini; - TuneJuice, using normal 9 volt batteries with your iPod; - AirClick, another cool add-on to the home Mac mini; - LaClie SilverScreen, a USB 2.0 external hard drive that can connect directly to your TV for MPEG-2 or DivX playback; - PopCorn, a DVD copier software (not new but updated); - Solio, a solar-power recharger for your iPod; - EyeTVWonder, another add on to your Mac mini, this time a small PVR; - Super DriveDock+, the best firewire case for 3.5” IDE drives; - Loop Backpacks, form Radtech, because I need to upgrade my backpack to one that holds a 17”.

I already use the Webstractor software, it’s great; and I’ll probably order the Loop backpack soon.