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darcs2rss now at 0.5

Real life has kept me from posting what’s going on at simplicidade.

I just sent a mail to darcs mailing list announcing version 0.5. I switched to a proper XML::Parser and added command line options to change RSS metadata.

In my personal copy I have two big changes: - generating RSS 2.0; - filtering comments: current filters are ‘simple’ and ‘markdown’.

Both these features are optional, of course.

I really like markdown and I’m using it more and more everywhere, so this is mostly a feature that I use a lot and I needed fast. But to use HTML formating in your item descriptions, you need to move to RSS 2.0.

In order to do that I’ll have to deal with meta-information. Using command line parameters is not such a good idea. My current script to generate a feed for darcs2rss itself is 4 lines long! I’ll have to code support for a config file.

Will see.

About darcs, it’s been really great. Much more simple to use than arch, my previous favorite CVS replacement, and fast enough. I’ve been lurking the mailing list and there seem to be some situations where darcs can be very slow, but my projects are very small, so it’s not an issue for me. The darcs developers are working on this, but I admit that I don’t even try to follow those discussions, that usually evolve into mathematical discussions :).