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Examples of notifications via XMPP

Yesterday, I wrote an unusually long article about IM systems as a transport mechanism to notifications.

I got a comment from Bob Wyman, of fame, getting my attention to PubSub usage of JEP-0060 as a prospective search mechanism.

Well, I didn’t forget. I use it everyday. I have a pubsub subscription on “JEP-0060” and less than 30 minutes after I posted my article, my pubsub feed was telling me that I had a new article, my article. So it works extremely well.

PubSub is without a doubt the largest implementation of JEP-0060 I know about. The other big implementation is also a service I use a lot: Mimír. It sends me messages whenever certain feeds have new items. It also does aggregation of items while I’m offline, and send’s me a summary whenever I get back online. It’s an excellent service, and it’s also supported with JEP-0060 (ralph, the Mimír creator, is also the creator of Idavoll). Since I subscribed to mimir, I dropped a lot of subscriptions from NetNewsWire, and my RSS reading in the morning is now much more managable.

Both of these systems work very well, and with a decent IM client, I also get Growl notifications of the items. Is pretty cool.

One thing I wonder is if Mimír receives updates via JEP-0060 from That would interesting. It doesn’t seem so, looking at the architecture of it.