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Reading RSS

I’ve been using NetNewsWire to read RSS feeds since I started doing it, little over two years ago. So far it has been good enough and the features in the to-be-released version 2.0 seem great.

Yet, I don’t see some features that I would like to see, like aggregating several items into a single one if they mention the same URL.

So I need to implement some sort of filter between the feeds I subscribe to and the feeds I read, that transforms the content into something more manageable.

I don’t know if the end result is something that can be read via something like a RSS reader, or if I need some other application. I think I’ll also look into reading my feeds by converting them to mail messages. Rui is using newspipe and I noticed Hep to (although I don’t know if it does the same thing yet).

I really need to waste less time (30 to 40 minutes each day) catching up on RSS feeds, or become more efficient reading them.