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Coral your RSS

Now that Coral is in public beta, what about telling your RSS subscribers to use it? It will reduce your bandwidth bill.

If you subscribe to this blog, change your subscription to (notice the You should start to get this feed from your nearest cache of Coral.

Seems to work.

If Coral is here to stay, you can even add to your config:

RedirectPermanent /notes/42.xml

Update: Rui popped up on IM and told me that this does not work, and of course he’s right. It will cause a loop. I’ll have to check if Coral sends a specific user agent that I can filter. Rui tells me that it sends a HTTP_VIA and he has the configuration to solve this. Now I’ll wait for him to post it and copy it :).

I wonder if the choice of port (8090) was a good one. Some corporate firewalls don’t allow nothing unless is on port 80.

By the way, Microsoft DNS servers have a problem with Coral. The developers are thinking about a workaround for the fact that MS DNS chokes on DNAME records (I confess I didn’t know about them either, but they look pretty cool).