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Rui is my preferred source for all that is mobile or PDA related in the last couple of months. He is pretty exhaustive, and I share a lot of his view on what I want as my PDA and mobile. I’m not as forgiving about Windows CE as he his, not because I hate Microsoft (I really don’t, I like a lot of software they do, not the operating systems but the apps), but because I really don’t like the Windows interface.

I read his recentThe Perfect (Smart)Phone? article, and it validates my current view of my personal mobile purchase: today the company that I work for is giving me a T630; that one will go to my wife (MMS stuff), and I’ll stick with my 2-year-old T68i until I can get my hands on a Z1010 or similar. I was worried about the 510 contact limit until I counted my own contacts (250-something).

The current price makes it impossible for me to buy one right now. I’ll have to wait at least a year. I might buy a K700 in the meantime. Will see. I’ll probably have to upgrade my 2 year old PowerBook next year also, and that takes priority.

Either way, the mobile will have to work with my PowerBook, my NZ-90, and must support iSync. That’s the only really really important requirement right now.