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My CTRL is stuck

I use a Logitech wireless desktop everywhere. I like the keyboard feel very much. It’s not as good as the old PS2 IBM keyboard (BTW, if you have one of those for sale, let me know :) ), but it’s better than most.

I use it with my Powerbook for two years now, and I always had this glitch with the CTRL key and a specific key combination. I use the portuguese layout, by the way.

Try this: in a window, type AltGr+2 (should print @) and AltGr+_ (in my case, it erases the @). The kick is that from then on, your CTRL is stuck. Type ’d’ to do a CTRL-d and leave the shell :).

It’s the combination AltGr+(@ then _) that triggers this. You need to plug out/in the USB keyboard connector to reset this.

The most infuriating part: I type that sequence very frequently. @_ is the default array in perl….

Does anybody has this problem? Or is it just me?