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Figueira da Foz

Places where I like to eat, around Figueira da Foz.

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Ice cream

You cannot visit Figueira without trying the Emanha ice creams…


They have another location, Emanha 2, but this one above is my favorite.


Tapas Bar

At the marina. You should reserve a table, it is usually full.

  • For reservations, call 233 428 090
  • Facebook
  • Street view: it is on the same building as the Clube Nautico building. There is a underground parking on the other side of the stree (look behind you)

Pata Negra

Near the Town Market, very friendly, very good.

O Búzio

A most excellent “Cozido à Portuguesa” on Sundays, don’t miss it. Before 13h you’ll be fine. After that, you should reserve.

O Abrigo da Montanha

The most excellent view of Figueira. Even if you don’t have time to eat there, at least visit.

Bonus tip: if you are there, follow the road until Bandeira. Not only you’ll pass through the oldest trees in the Serra da Boa Viagem, but you’ll get to an excellent place to see everything on the other side of the Serra, to the north.

A Muralha

A small place, very good grilled meats. Good view of Figueira’s main beach.

That place in Gala, the Tasco.. :)

I’ll update this as soon as I remember the name of the place :)


Nice place, I really enjoy the view into the Abadias gardens.

Casa dos Suecos

A bit on the expensive side, but very good.



Figueira has a couple of very decent burger places.

Praça 18

Located in the center of the town, near the river.

Caravela Burger Bar

Near the casino.


Pizzeria Claudio

The best pizzas around here.

At the beach

Dins Bar

Fast food, lots of it, gorgeous place. You can’t see the waves from the place, but it has a huge stretch of sand in front of you. Try the big jar of natural orange juice, very economic.

Other places

Places that I want to visit. They seem nice, but I never went there.