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The E-word

Last week I had a discussion in the local perl mongers mailing list about threads in Ruby vs Perl, and parallelism in general. My view is that it's the programmer responsibility to start using all those core coming our way, and that the Java/Ruby-style of threads, with a share-everything model, are the wrong way of doing it. I a very big fan of shared-nothing by default when it comes to threads.

Flickr web upload widget

The new Fickr web uploading form is very very nice. The interesting part for me is the capability of selecting multiple files with a single "open file" dialog box. The rest is pretty standard, although the look and feel of Flickr is very nice. Now to write something like that as a jQuery plugin...

Resizing images

An amazing new technology to resizing images. The video is pretty impressive.

Quote of the week: Sometimes I think God put video content guys on the planet to make the music guys look progressive and visionary. nuf said.

iPod vs MP3

While talking to Alcides Fonseca about my kids, I remembered that I wanted to share something with you: my 3 years old knows the difference between iPod and MP3. And what's more, it wasn't me. He picks up a Creative Labs thingie and calls it MP3, but both mine and Rosario's iPod are truly iPods. Cool. Next step: being able to distinguish between Python, Perl and Ruby...

I wonder...

In a site I manage that requires user registration, 5.4% of the users use as password a combination of 4 digits. I wonder how many of those match their PIN numbers of their credit/debit cards.

Maildir curiosity

/me chuckles By some strange measure (basically looking at the table of supported mailbox formats across open source IMAP servers, mail clients, and local delivery agents available here), maildir is more popular than the legendary mbox. But I went to that page to checkout the new dbox format. I'm intrigued.

KDE and Git

KDE is looking at Git, at least in a theoretical "how would we structure this large project in Git"-kind of way. There was a lengthy response from Linus, with a couple of gems inside: I certainly agree that almost any project will want a "central" repository in the sense that you want to have one canonical default source base that people think of as the "primary" source base. But that should not be a technical distinction, it should be a social one, if you see what I mean.

Zee pain

So after the latest laptop cleanup (format, install), I forgot to install AntiRSI... Yep, i can't feel my right arm. So I will be working at half-speed for a day or two. As usual it could not come in a worst time, but there some things that you don't mess with.