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In Private equity firm pours $100 million into SCO money pit: "We saw a tremendous investment opportunity in SCO and its vast range of products and services, including many new innovations ready or soon to be ready to be released into the marketplace," Norris said in a statement. I want a big pile of the same stuff SNCP is smoking.

Index cards

I've uploaded to Flickr a couple of pictures of my current index card system that I use to track the stuff I need to get done. In the end, after a year and a half trying several different systems, this is the one that stood the test of time: it works for me. I would love to have something online that I could work with, specially because working with other people using index cards is not practical, but I haven't found it yet (I will try Hiveminder again just because it seems they have a IMAP interface, I'm curious about that.

Screenshot editor

I need a Mac app to blur or hide certain parts of screenshots I take. I don't want a app tied to any online system. Just a quick, direct, graphics editor. Any recommendations?

Screencast software

I usually use Snapz Pro X and I'm pretty happy with it, but ScreenFlow is amazing. Checkout the screencast, specially the last 20 or 30 seconds. But €79.99? Yeah, only if you are a Pro.

Apple TV as a AirTunes destination

A quick tip that I just read, and I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else: the Apple TV, with the latest software update, is now a AirTunes destination. This is very cool. I can send the music from my iTunes to the big speakers easily now.

High-performance SSH

A very interesting patch to the standard OpenSSH code base, to improve SSH throughput. Something to try in a week or so. There is also a TCP tuning article at the same site worth a read.

Operations Mantras

A big Operations Mantras article by Alan Kasindorf. Loads of interesting stuff, but it does take a bit to digest.

Live Yahoo!

Ok, Live Yahoo! is awesome. It took me literally 3 clicks to have a multi-user video conference going.

git hosting

If you need to host your project somewhere using git, I suggest you try Setup was a breeze, painless and just worked. I was up and running in less than 5 or 10 minutes. I tried a couple of days ago, but I still can't push to a project I created there...

Pretty please, with sugar on top?

I've been using ecto since I started writting this mis-mash of notes. It's good enough and doesn't get in the way. I know where everything is and I don't get lost. With all the publicity about MarsEdit, I downloaded the latest version and tried it out. Although its much more polished than Ecto2, I didn't find any compeling reasons to re-learn a new tool. I loved the Cmd-Shift-D to post (I use that with Mail.