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GraphViz under Mac OS X

In case you are trying to install the Perl module GraphViz under Mac OS X 10.4.x, you might need this script.

First, install a decent version of GraphViz. I use this snapshots of Graphviz by Ryan Schmidt. Be careful not to use this version on MacIntel's, the package is PPC-only.

After this is done, add /usr/local/graphviz-2.12/bin to your PATH.

Second, while installing the GraphViz module via CPAN, one of the dependencies is IPC::Run, which might fail on your system. It's a know issue with FreeBSD that seems to also be present on Mac OS X. It hangs while testing t/pty.t.

To skip those tests, do this:

  1. inside cpan shell, type look IPC::Run;
  2. edit t/pty.t, go to line 97 (looks something like this: my $platform_skip = $^O =~ /(?:aix|freebsd|openbsd)/? ...;
  3. add |darwin after opendbsd, save and exit;
  4. type the usual perl Makefile.PL && make && make test;
  5. if all goes well, type sudo make install or the version that works for you.

After that, you should be able to install GraphViz without any problems.


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