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OSCON 2006

OSCON is well underway and the cool presentations are starting to appear online. I like to read them and collect the ones I find more important to me. As a side effect, I'll keep this article updated with all the links collected.

  • RHOX, by Audrey Tang: if you don't like Perl because the syntax scares you, you haven't seen nothing yet. If you like Perl because the syntax fits your brain, prepare for brain surgery;
  • Plagger, by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa: Plagger rocks, I've been using it, but the Notify::Pizza is too cool - whenever Miyagawa writes "I'm hungry" on his blog, Plaggers orders him Pizza using a WebService...;
  • ppencode, by TAKESAKO Yoshinori: Fun, Fun, Fun! It will be a lightning talk, presented by Audrey Tang;
  • Big Bad PostgreSQL by Theo Schlossnagle: I'm more MySQL oriented, but I like to be aware of big PostgreSQL implementations like the one described on this slides (the largest table as over 1,700,000,000 rows);
  • JavaScript Bootcamp by Amy Hoy: very nice get-up-to-speed with Javascript tutorial.


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